Ostara's Hollow Candles

OSTARA • The goddess of Spring and new beginnings | HOLLOW • A river valley between a mountain range

Ostara’s Hollow Candle Co. is founded and run by Marcy - a wife and mom living in Richmond, Virginia. It started with a dream of creating and designing simple, beautiful candles with soulful charm and soothing aromas.

Sprinkle in a little alchemy- some healing crystals, enchanting oils, herbs, and dried flowers, our candle’s flickering light is transformed from mundane to magickal!

Ostara’s Hollow is dedicated to creating hand-poured soy candles & skin nourishing bath products with carefully selected, wholesome ingredients. They are infused with enriching blends of natural essential oils and are 100% phthalate-free ~ so no hormone disrupters. Love and purified energy are directed into every candle.

Personalized candles and bath products are also an option for a more customized, unique look and feel. If a special occasion calls for a certain fragrance or personalized label, Ostara’s Hollow will collaborate with you on design, color, and finish every step of the way to ensure you are thrilled with the end product.

Artisanal Products:
• Hand Poured Soy Candles
• Handmade Bath Products
• Everything made with Love ~xo

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